Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why You Need This Dress...

I am giving away one of my biggest bargain-shopper secrets right now. You ready? One word. Kohl's. Kohl's gets me every time. I'm loving the recent trend of all these big box stores, including Kohl's, starting to cater to the needs of people like us who want to look high fashion on a low budget. Enter Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Oh, Vera. How I love you. And those Kohl's folks will mark her stuff down too. Like this dress. Here are all the places you can wear it. (And did I mention that it is half off right now...Marked down from $78 to, ummm, whatever half of that is.)

1. To a shower with a pair of little black ballet flats and a cute clutch.
2. To church with a black cardigan over it and some long chunky beads. Tie that little bow around the outside of the cardigan.

3. To coffee at the Puffy Muffin on Saturday morning with your mother-in-law with a pair of funky flip-flops or gladiator sandals.

4. To a wedding with some sparkly jewelry and some sassy metallic heels.

How many times have you needed a dress for something like a bridesmaids' brunch that's not overly dressy, but you still wanna look cute? Dresses like this that you pay 30-something dollars for, but don't look like they came from K-Mart are the deals you need to look for. And another thing, this dress is versatile for several seasons--the fabric is light enough for spring and early fall, and nothing about the colors screams any particular time of year. Vera, you are so smart.

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