Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

What better way to start the ALS blog than by telling you the top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for girls and dudes I recently compiled for "Christian Single" magazine. Here ya go:

1. A flat-front, bootcut jean in dark denim or a trouser cut if you are a little taller. A good one.
2. A great fitting pair of black pants.
3. A tailored, white, menswear-inspired button-up--These always look polished.

4. A great long cardigan in a basic color--This is nice for layering over t-shirts and tanks when it’s chilly out or for a cute casual look while you’re traveling.
5. A basic sheath dress--Depending on your body type you could choose one with a defined middle or one that is a little less structured.
6. A great pair of flats--Maybe try these in a metallic color so that they can be dressed up or down.
7. One great bag--A casual tote or structured top-handle bag in a basic color of a high-quality material (score one of these at TJ Maxx). Alternatively, a clutch (like Hobo) that can double as a wallet if you’re not a big bag kind of gal is a great option.
8. A great pair of pumps in black. Pointy-toed pumps, in particular, never seem to go out of style and will lengthen the leg on any lady!
9. Great-fitting t-shirts or tanks in heather gray, black, and white. You can’t skimp here. You need to go for quality because you will be layering these and wearing them a lot. Go for a brand like American Apparel, which won’t break the budget but is still a nice garment.
10. Gold hoop earrings or a thin, long necklace, depending on whether you’re an “earrings” or a “necklace” girl.

1. Great fitting pair of dark denim jeans--preferably a slight bootcut or a flare, whichever you prefer, but try to steer clear of anything that can be construed as “baggy.” Also, some distressing is good on jeans, but for an essential pair, you want them to be versatile and not too casual, which a lot of distressing tends to lean toward. An example.
2. Casual blazer or sportcoat--This should be in a basic color like army green or khaki. You can wear this over a more casual t-shirt or button-up to take the look up a notch.
3. Nicely tailored suit–How many weddings have you gone to in the last year? Thank you. You need a great suit for these and all those interviews. Next time you're in Chicago or NYC, stop by H & M. Their suits have great European tailoring and are less than $150 for both pieces!

4. Hip tennis-shoe option–Try a brand like Puma or PF Flyers. They are hip without trying too hard and still comfy!

5. Nice dress shoe–Either a lace-up option or a slip-on like a driving shoe are both good choices.

6. Casual button-up option--Military-inspired or a western-style shirt is great with a pair of jeans for a Saturday.

7. Basic track jacket or hoodie. My fave.

8. Tailored dressy button-up in white or baby blue–This needs to be one that is nicely fitted. Here is a good place to splurge on a custom-made shirt if you have long arms, for example.

9. Flat-front, more casual pant option in khaki--These can be worn with tennis shoes for day or dressed up for a night out.

10. An awesome watch–A nice watch is not only useful, but makes your look appear more pulled together. Diese
land Fossil make awesome men's watches.

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Christine said...

We need a good black pants example! LOOOVE those jeans. Love.