Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flea Market Glasses!

So we all love Anthropologie. They perfectly recreate everything you could find at a flea market/garage sale/antique store...if only you had the time to look for it. Well, none of us do, so somebody is making a killing in the home furnishings area of that conglomerate. At any rate, don't you just love those antiquey tumblers they have there...make you feel like you should be sitting on a front porch, sweatin' up a storm, drinking iced tea. You could go to the Tennessee State Antique Mall off Wedgewood and rifle through tons of stuff on your day off this Saturday OR you can buy these at Anthropologie for $8-$10/glass (top). OR, check these out at Pier 1 for $3.50 a glass (below). Yeah, the quality might be a little lacking, but hey, you won't feel so bad when you break one, and you'll achieve the shabby chic aesthetic for half the price ;-)

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