Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beach Cover-ups You Already Own!

I just got back from the beach. So sue me, people. I have a weird job and can go to Florida @ the drop of a hat. Speaking of Florida, I swear the Panhandle spawns some new luxury development every 6 mos. That place is ridiculous. We stayed in Rosemary Beach and went to this coffee shop/wine bar/book store one afternoon called Fonville Press. If only it had had clothes, it might have been the perfect store.

In light of my recent 4 days lounging in the sun on the beach, here are 6 beach cover-ups you already own (i.e. no need to buy a new one this year!!!):

1. Your honey's v-neck, which will be perfectly oversized on you, and denim cutoffs.
2. That jersey babydoll dress from last summer. On the way out of style for real life, but not for the beach, yo.
3. A cardigan and those J.Crew shorts that you only wear to family picnics. Just put the cardigan over your bikini and let it rip.
4. That Abercrombie mini-skirt you bought before you realized that you really should stop shopping there. Hey, that thing is way too short for you to wear out in public, but not for the beach! Put it on with the band t-shirt you bought at Target two years ago.
5. Hippie, ankle-length skirt purchased when you were in your Sienna-Miller-boho phase. Throw it on with a wife-beater and a wide-brimmed sunhat.
6. Your boyfriend's/husband's/dad's worn button-up. Roll up the sleeves and put on your baseball cap.

Happy First Day of Spring! Hope you get to go to the beach soon!

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